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What is the farmula of measuring Horse Power of a

2008-12-31 · Best Answer: *Boiler horsepower is used rating a boiler's capacity to deliver steam to a steam engine. The amount of energy needed to produce 34.5 pounds (15.65 kg) of steam, per hour, at a pressure and temperature of 0 Psig (0 bar) and 212 oF (100 oC), with feed water at 0 Psig and 212 oF.

Steam Heat Exchanger Efficiency | Physics Forums

2012-7-20 · Heya, id like a little help calculating the efficiency of some steam heat exchangers. They are used in industrial dryers, steam goes through the radiator and then air is blowed to it in order to heat the fabric. Currently my radiators are made from carbon steel tubes and fins, it has 78 flat tubes

How to Calculate the Latent Heat Needed to Cause a

2019-10-13 · This is the heat per kilogram needed to make the change between the liquid and gas phases, as when water boils or when steam condenses into water. The latent heat of sublimation, L s. This is the heat per kilogram needed to make the change between the solid and gas phases, as

diameter pipe smoke flue calculation software -

2019-8-22 · software allows the calculation of the thermal flow, and the size of duct flue but for those who do not have the software, here is the calculation method used for the evaluation of the diameter of flues, heat flow duct, and flue gas flow rate, depending on power, on the type of boiler and its performance.

How to Calculate Turbine Efficiency | Hunker

Define the steam turbine calculation. In this example, a 1.2-megawatt-hour power generator in a sugar mill is driven by a steam turbine that receives 52,462 pounds per hour of superheated steam at 450 pounds per square inch absolute (psia) pressure with a temperature of 556.28 degrees Fahrenheit.

Improve Your Boiler's Combustion Efficiency

2013-5-2 · Energy Tips STEA Steam Tip Sheet 4 Improve Your Boiler's Combustion Efficiency Combustion Efficiency Operating your boiler with an optimum amount of excess air will minimize heat loss up the stack and improve combustion efficiency. Combustion efficiency is a measure of how effectively the heat content of a fuel is transferred into usable heat.

Steam Turbine Calculator -

Note: Isentropic efficiencies of Steam Turbines can range from 20-90%. The efficiencies in Table 1 are simplified values for the purpose of estimating industrial type Steam Turbine Generators. For firm performance values please contact the Power Generation Team at Elliott Group.

Cleveland Range - Product

Complete skid-mounted and piped, gas fired Steam Boiler with Vertical Return System and Blow Down Separator; Available for Pressure Ratings from 15 to 150 psi (specify required operating pressure)

Calculator: Water Velocity through Piping | TLV - A

2019-8-5 · Online calculator to quickly determine Water Velocity through Piping. Includes 53 different calculations. Equations displayed for easy reference.

Reboiler Vaporization Calculation - Process Heat

Reboiler Vaporization Calculation - posted in Process Heat Transfer: Dear Experts, For relief load calculation, I need to know amount of reboiler duty getting used in vaporizing the liquid. For that I am following two approaches: Approach 1: Multiplying the difference in specific enthalpy of reboiler outlet vapor stream and reboiler inlet liquid steam with the mass flow rate of reboiler outlet

How can I calculate the mass of steam formed at 373

How can I calculate the mass of steam formed at 373 K at 1 bar in a closed vessel? The container carrying a water at 303 K is heated by 1 kW heater. After that, the temperature reaches to 373 K.

How to calculate the power generated by a turbine

2015-8-22 · Firstly, lets assume the expansion is isentropic. Unless you know the enthalpy of the inlet and exhaust steam, yes, you need to refer to steam tables. For your exhaust condition, knowing the pressure is often not enough information. However, since you have specified a turbine operating

Calculate OEE – Definitions, Formulas, and Examples |

2019-7-31 · The simplest way to calculate OEE is as the ratio of Fully Productive Time to Planned Production Time. Fully Productive Time is just another way of saying manufacturing only Good Parts as fast as possible (Ideal Cycle Time) with no Stop Time. Hence the calculation is: OEE = (Good Count × Ideal Cycle Time) / Planned Production Time

Wet Steam Quality and Dryness Fraction - Engineering

2019-10-4 · The steam dryness fraction is used to quantify the amount of water within steam. Dry steam - all water molecules are in the gaseous state; Wet steam - a portion of the water molecules have lost their energy - latent heat - and condensed to tiny water droplets; To produce dry steam in an boiler and keep the steam dry throughout the piping system is in general not possible.

Correct Boiler Size (Kw) - MyBuilder

Correct boiler size (kw) Hi, currently having differing advice from my builder/plumber and a 3rd party heating engineer regarding the correct size and brand for my replacement system boiler! My house is a 1960's 4 bed semi, cavity walls, uPVC double glazing, 2 bathrooms, 10 rads and a Megaflow tank. The current boiler is a Halstead Boss 60

boiler evaporation calculator – Biomass Fired Boiler

2018-4-22 · of Steam /Hr 500. = Lbs. of Steam per Hour = Evaporation Rate Gallons per Minute (GPM) = MBTU per Hour Output (MBH) = Sq. Feet of Equivalent Direct . Boiler Ratings : International site for Spirax Sarco. A boiler has a 'from and at' rating of 2 000 kg/h and operates at 15 bar g. The feedwater temperature is 68°C.

boiler steam production conversion ton hr to kw – oil

2019-3-26 · Boiler Capacity Steam boilers output can be expressed in Boiler Horsepower, W = boiler capacity (Btu/h, kW) Lbs of Steam to Boiler Horsepower Conversion. Steam Capacity Conversion Table – Industrial Controls. Steam Capacity Conversion Table. (Boiler Horsepower) 34.5 Lbs/Hr of Steam at 212 ° F. BHP (Boiler Horsepower) 0.069

Saving Energy by Insulating Pipe Components on

Many opportunities exist for energy savings in institutional buildings that use district heating systems, with a mechanical room for each building, or a boiler room where steam or hot water is generated for heating each individual building. Typically, there are many heat distribution pipe components left either uninsulated or partially insulated.


2008-4-20 · HOW TO CALCULATE PRESSURE ANYWHERE IN A PUMP SYSTEM? Jacques Chaurette p. eng. April 2003 Synopsis Calculating the total head of the pump is not the only task of the pump system designer.

BTU Calculator

Two free calculators estimate the number of BTUs needed to cool or heat a room or house based on its size, insulation, and the geographical climate, among other conditions. Explore a number of other housing related calculators, as well as hundreds of other calculators addressing finance, math,

How To Caluclate Of Steam Boiler